= G E R U N D =

Talking about hobbies and interest.

Gerund as a Subjeck

Swimming is my hobby
Jogging is a simple sport

Gerund as an object

-She likes fishing
-I likes reading a book better than slapping
-Do you mind joining us to the beach

Gerund is a Compliment

-My favorite spare time is playing kite
-What he like is watching football game on TV


1.My sister is interested in ……. Choreography.

a. learn

b. learning (True)

c. learned

d. to learn

2.The police kept on …….. Question to the witnesses to find out truth.

a.  Ask

b.  Asked

c.  Asking (True)

d.  Askies

3. The committee postponed …… until tomorrow.

a. vot

b. voted

c. voting (True)

d. votis

4.Olvy  :  “What kind of activities do you like        to do?”

Ola  :  “………… is my favorite activity.

Olvy  :  “That’s wonderful”.

a. Cooker

b. Swim

c. Readed

d. Cooking (True)

I think enough for our material to day.
Remember yours lesson

Thank YOU

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