Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris “ Bad Effect and Preventive dangerous drugs for students “

Good morning ladies and gentlemens

Thanks for M.C

Respected committee and juries

Respected all audience

I really thankful for God

Thank for opportunity so that I can stand here

To tell some words

Before that I will introduce my self : My name is BRI YUDISTIRA I contestant from SMAN 1 D.S Ampah.

All right …

Ladies and gentlemens

Today I would like to tell you about

“ Bad Effect and Preventive dangerous drugs for students “

Dangerous drugs are drugs or materials that are not belong to meals, because

This drugs can make addiction for people who use without controlled by doctor.

In Indonesia, general word for dangerous drugs is NARKOBA.

Ladies and gentlemens

Generally narkoba that people known as Heroin, shabu  ( Meta mphetamine )

Ectstasy , marijuana, kokain, tobacco, and alcohol.

Narkoba abuse often beginning at teenagers like elementary and juniour high school

Students, this are cause of offering, persuading, and stressing by people or friends.

In reality, many children have consumend this drugs, like Narcotics and Inhaler narcotics.

Children age 8 have consumend marijuana and Children age 10 have used narcotics like

Heroin, morphine, and ecstasy.

This statement basic on badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN) research.

in many operation cases in hospital, they always use drugs to cure passion from deep pain and stress. But….

The other people use it to experimental use, recreation use or social use.

The usage of them more and often can make compulsive dependent use.

Ladies and Gentlemens

Dependent use at Narkoba will make bad affect or illness for body, like mental, life, physical, and social function. And on the other hand it has destroyed us ideal in the future,

and because that we have not future.

Narkoba abuse is very dangerous  effect for us, that is Why!

Because our government put into effect UU no. 5 th 1997 and UU no. 22 th 1997 for narcotics use free

So Narkoba abuse can prevented with many ways

For example :

  1. we need information, the children need information, What Narkoba is ? and What is for ?.
  2. the teacher and parent must follow and supervise their children and student, like education,    sport, and communicate with them.
  3. don’t let children far away without control by parents.

I’m sure that is effective to make them understand.

Finally, let us stay away from Narkoba and learn to “Say no to Drugs” because….

I know the people need happiness in their life, so “Preventing is better than Curing”.

I think this the end of my speech

I wish we can meet in other chance

Thank you and see you again.

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